CES is the world’s consumer tech show. Every year we head out to Vegas to check out everything in person. We honor the standouts with our Best of CES awards. This year, five products really caught our eye.

In no particular order, here are our five Best of CES award recipients for 2019:

Best Phone Case: Mophie Juice Pack Access
(Juice Pack Access)

The world’s most popular iPhone battery case has outdone itself with the newest model. The Juice Pack Access from Mophie gives you back your Lightning port, while adding a USB-C port to the bottom of your iPhone and fully supporting fast wireless charging. Everything about it is thoughtfully and tastefully designed. It’s difficult to imagine a better battery case.

From The Future: Waverly Pilot
(Waverly Pilot)

Straight out of Star Trek, these Bluetooth earbuds will translate to and from 15 different languages, right in your ear. When someone speaks to you in a language you don’t know, a voice in your ear will translate for you. You can also hand one of the two fully-wireless buds to the other person for two-way translation. It truly feels from the future, and that blew us away. At $200, they’re reasonably priced for something so powerful and useful.

Best Value Phone: Alcatel 1x (2019)
(Alcatel 1x)

Alcatel has improved everything about their most affordable US model while keeping the price quite low. A 2:1 screen with HD resolution? Check. Dual cameras with a full-featured portrait mode? Check. Larger battery? Check. And they wrapped it all in a nice design. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better value at the affordable end of the market.

Best Family Product: Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch
(Coolpad Dyno Watch)

Have you been tempted to give your little one a phone for safety and communication, but they’re just too young? Coolpad recognized and studied that exact predicament, and designed the perfect product for you. The Dyno Smartwatch is a thoughtfully-designed watch that lets you stay in touch with your kids and keeps tabs on their location. It does just what it needs to, nothing more, and does it well. What impressed us most is the thoughtful attention to detail and safety.

Best Video Accessory: Pivo

Why didn’t anyone think of this before? For a while now, camera software has been able to track your face as you move around. The Pivo takes that idea up a notch by adding a motor, so your phone can follow you all the way around, wherever you move. There are a lot of video-recording situations where that will be amazingly useful. And they added a ton of other modes that take advantage of the motor to do other neat stuff with your videos. It’s a simple and fun product for any YouTuber or amateur mobile videographer.